This is a blog about the life of a Blue Merle Collie called Nelly.

Born on 28/1/16 on the farmlands of Wales she came to us in the March and has lived with us every day since.

We didn’t take her on lightly, we knew exactly what Collies need in terms of exercise and patience, however we discovered not long into owning Nelly that she had behavioural issues.

She lunges at cars, dogs, joggers and children (if they’re running). Whilst we know this can be a sense of prey-drive, it’s also proving increasingly difficult to teach out of her.

This blog is to document her life as a dog who isn’t particularly easy to live with but our commitment doesn’t waver. We want to show how rewarding a dog – even one who can be difficult – is, and share her trials and tribulations as she goes through life (and every toy we can find!)

Come along for the walk – more the merrier!